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Fig. 7

From: Cross-talk of the biotrophic pathogen Claviceps purpurea and its host Secale cereale

Fig. 7

Microscopical analyses of Δcp1105 (a + b) and localization of Cp1105 reporter fusion protein (c + d) in axenic culture. Strains were cultivated on medium covered objective slides and incubated for 3 days before they were microscopically analyzed. a The hyphal morphology of Δcp1105 shows mainly undulated hyphae. b Calcofluor White Staining of septa. The mutants show a uniform septation pattern which is similar to the wild-type. c + d Fluorescence can be observed in the medium surrounding the hyphae. No significant fluorescence was observed within medium inoculated with the wild-type Cp20.1. exp: exposure time (Bars = 20 μm)

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