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Fig. 8

From: Cross-talk of the biotrophic pathogen Claviceps purpurea and its host Secale cereale

Fig. 8

Pathogenicity assays using the C. purpurea wild-type Cp20.1 strain and the Δcp1105 and Δcp8623, ΔΔcp3095/cp3096 and ΔΔcp5432/93 deletion mutants. a Rye ears were infected with conidia suspensions of the different strains, each deletion strain was simultaneously infected and compared to the wild-type. Honeydew formation and sclerotia formation were monitored for 3 weeks. b In vitro cultivated rye florets infected with the different strains. After 6 days, cross-sections of the ovaries were stained with aniline-blue (which emits green fluorescence), allowing the detection of fungal hyphae (indicated by arrows) within the plant tissue by fluorescence microscopy. The infection routes of the deletion strains are similar to those of the wild-type (bars: 1 mm)

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