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Fig. 5

From: Comparative transcriptome analyses of flower development in four species of Achimenes (Gesneriaceae)

Fig. 5

Sequence orthology and the proportion of annotated sequences in the Achimenes transcriptomes. a Venn diagram showing the number of shared or unique genes (in italics) and gene clusters (bold) among the five Achimenes species and Erythranthe as classified by the OrthoFinder program. “Core” and “Shared Achimenes” orthogroups are indicated with blue and red stars, respectively. Abbreviations: AC, Achimenes cettoana; AE, Achimenes erecta; AM, Achimenes misera; AP, Achimenes patens; EL, Erythranthe lewisii. b Proportion of the transcripts that comprised core, shared Achimenes, shared others, and unique genes. “Core” orthogroups were common to all four Achimenes and Erythranthe. “Shared Achimenes” are orthogroups that contain sequences from all four Achimenes species. “Shared other” are orthogroups present in two or three of the four Achimenes species. “Unique” genes are genes that are only present in one species and were unassigned to a specific orthogroup. c Proportion of annotated and non-annotated genes in the primary and alternate transcriptomes

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