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Fig 1

From: A transcriptome multi-tissue analysis identifies biological pathways and genes associated with variations in feed efficiency of growing pigs

Fig 1

Molecular changes in tissues due to RFI line. Microarray data obtained in longissimus muscle, liver, perirenal (PRAT) and subcutaneous (SCAT) adipose tissues were separately analyzed for the main effects of line (low RFI: residual feed intake below the average; high RFI: residual feed intake above the average). Genes were declared as differentially expressed (DEG) between pigs from the low or high RFI lines according to the same cutoffs in the four tissues (P < 0.01 and FC between conditions > |1.1|). FC: fold-change between mean values calculated in pigs from the low or high RFI lines. Values are inversed and preceeded by a minus sign for FC < 1 (e.g., FC = 0.5 was indicated as FC = −2)

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