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Table 3 Top-ranked genes contributing to the first dimension of MFA analysis

From: A transcriptome multi-tissue analysis identifies biological pathways and genes associated with variations in feed efficiency of growing pigs

Genea Full name (Associated biological process) r
PSEN1 Presenilin 1 (T cell receptor signaling pathway; regulation of MAP kinase activity) 0.84
PCIF1 PDX1 C-terminal inhibiting factor 1 (Negative regulation of phosphatase activity) 0.77
RPL6 Ribosomal protein L6 (Translation) 0.77
IPP Intracisternal A particle-promoted polypeptide (Ubiquitination) 0.77
RPL14 Ribosomal protein L14 (Translation) 0.76
PHYH Phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase (Fatty acid oxidation) 0.76
PLA2G12A Phospholipase A2 group XIIA (Lipid catabolic process) 0.75
HEATR4 HEAT repeat containing 4 0.75
ZNF174 Zinc finger protein 174 (Transcription) 0.74
USP33 Ubiquitin specific peptidase 33 (Ubiquitin-dependent protein process) 0.74
CD40 CD40 molecule (Immune response) −0.79
NTN1 Netrin 1 (Apoptotic process) −0.78
POLR3H Polymerase (RNA) III subunit H (Immune response) −0.77
LZTFL1 Leucine zipper transcription factor like 1 (Protein localization) −0.76
CYB561A3 Cytochrome b561 family member A3 (Oxido-reduction) −0.75
H2-Q4 Histocompatibility 2, Q region locus 4 (Antigen processing) −0.75
CTSC Cathepsin C (Immune response) −0.74
UQCRB Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase binding protein (Oxido-reduction) −0.74
PIKFYVE Phosphoinositide kinase, FYVE-type zinc finger containing (Signal transduction) −0.74
DST Dystonin (Cytoskeleton organization) −0.74
PHYH Phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase (Fatty acid oxidation) −0.72
  1. aTop-ranked contributors in transcriptomics variability were identified by a multiple factor analysis (MFA). Unique genes were ranked according to the correlation coefficient (r) calculated between their corresponding molecular probe(s) and the first dimension of the MFA that opposed pigs from the low RFI line to pigs from the high RFI line. When different probes corresponded to the same unique gene, only the highest r value for positive correlation or the lowest r value for negative correlation, respectively, is indicated. The main biological process associated to each gene in Entrez database was also indicated. RFI Residual feed intake