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Fig. 1

From: European Chlamydia abortus livestock isolate genomes reveal unusual stability and limited diversity, reflected in geographical signatures

Fig. 1

Phylogeny of C. abortus. Phylogenetic tree of all sequenced isolates included in this study, showing that the variant LLG and POS strains are deeply separated from all other isolates. C. psittaci was used to locate the position of the root of the tree. Three population clusters can be identified, with the major clade (clusters 1 and 2) further divided into 7 PGs. MLVA and MLST data is provided for comparison with the phylogeny, where it could be extracted from the data, otherwise is shown as a white track. Bootstraps on the major nodes under 100% are shown; bootstraps within PGs are often lower. Scale bar shows number of substitutions per site. Figure was drawn using Phandango

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