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Table 6 GO enrichment analysis of linkage disequilibrium block on LG12

From: Highly localized divergence within supergenes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) within the Gulf of Maine

GO.ID Term Annotated Significant Fisher pval p-adj (fdr)
GO:0051648 vesicle localization 4 2 0.002 1
GO:0051650 establishment of vesicle localization 4 2 0.002 1
GO:0009057 macromolecule catabolic process 144 8 0.0051 1
GO:0051656 establishment of organelle localization 7 2 0.0067 1
GO:0051640 organelle localization 8 2 0.0088 1
  1. Using topGO, (in R), enrichment analysis shows multiple GO categories that may be enriched in the LD block from LG12. Total number of annotated genes in each GO category is shown, as well as those within the LD block that are significant (Fisher test p < 0.01). Multiple-test correction (calculated as false-discovery rate ‘fdr’) is shown in p-adj column