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Table 5 Significant functional annotations of our final set of candidate genes according to Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA®)

From: Cross-disorder comparative analysis of comorbid conditions reveals novel autism candidate genes

Diseases or functions annotation p-value Candidate genes involved
Proliferation of nervous tissue cell lines 2.07E-05 AKT1,NRP1
Action potential of embryonic stem cell lines 1.02E-03 KCNH2
Arrest in growth of nervous tissue cell lines 1.02E-03 NRP1
Formation of cranium 1.02E-03 MMP2
Quiescence of nervous tissue cell lines 1.02E-03 NRP1
Schizophrenia 1.55E-03 AKT1,KCNH2,PPP3CB,SMARCA2
Generation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells 4.08E-03 AKT1
Induction of CD4+ T-lymphocytes 5.10E-03 PRKG1
Induction of Th17 cells 5.10E-03 PRKG1
Binding of cells 5.40E-03 MMP2,NPPB,NRP1
Permeability of blood–brain barrier 6.11E-03 MMP2
Gene silencing 8.14E-03 SMARCA2
Loss of neurons 1.32E-02 ATN1
Rasmussen’s encephalitis 1.42E-02 PPP3CB
Cognition 1.52E-02 AKT1
Neuropathic pain 2.12E-02 KCNH2
Apoptosis of dendritic cells 2.22E-02 AKT1
Release of nitric oxide 2.32E-02 AKT1
Quantity of neurons 2.42E-02 ATN1
Transcription of RNA 2.84E-02 AKT1,ATN1,SMARCA2
Epilepsy 3.13E-02 HSPA1L,NPPB