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Table 1 Top 10 over-represented KEGG pathways associated with the non-expressed (upper panel) and expressed (lower panel) genes in this time series and their associated p-values. The IE rank column gives the rank of the pathway in an overrepresentation analysis of respectively non-expressed and expressed genes in a study on individual non-fertilized zebrafish eggs [23]

From: Transcriptome dynamics in early zebrafish embryogenesis determined by high-resolution time course analysis of 180 successive, individual zebrafish embryos

  p-value IE rank
Non expressed associated KEGG-Term
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 1.36E-38 1
Calcium signaling pathway 9.63E-17 2
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 6.52E-09 4
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 1.17E-05 3
ECM-receptor interaction 8.75E-04 6
MAPK signaling pathway 9.34E-04 8
Chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis 1.39E-03 -
Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 1.58E-03 -
GnRH signaling pathway 4.35E-03 11
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 4.44E-03 14
Expressed associated KEGG-Term
Spliceosome 3.83E-26 2
Ribosome 2.87E-25 1
Cell cycle 2.84E-10 11
Oxidative phosphorylation 2.07E-09 4
Proteasome 7.45E-07 17
DNA replication 8.68E-06 10
Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis 3.21E-05 3
RNA degradation 5.37E-05 5
Pyrimidine metabolism 1.43E-04 13
Nucleotide excision repair 3.24E-04 8