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Table 4 Embryonic development following TFB2M gapmer supplementation to presumptive zygotes

From: Male fertility status is associated with DNA methylation signatures in sperm and transcriptomic profiles of bovine preimplantation embryos

Treatment Total oocytes Number of unfertilized oocytes Cleavage rate Number of blastocysts Blastocyst rate
Control 330 75 77.27%a 93 36.47%a
1 μM TFB2M Gapmer 288 61 78.82%a 58 25.55%b
5 μM TFB2M Gapmer 157 38 75.32%a 32 26.89%b
  1. Differing superscripts within a column denote statistical significance (P < 0.05; Chi-Squared test)