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Table 2 Statistical results of methylated cytosines in different contexts

From: Single-base resolution methylomes of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) reveal epigenome modifications in response to drought stress

Samples Duplication rate (%) mC percent (%) mCpG percent (%) mCHG percent (%) mCHH percent (%)
CK 10.70 27.99% 58.42% 53.77% 19.50%
D 12.48 32.34% 61.71% 56.78% 24.21%
Re_W 12.24 29.95% 60.22% 55.48% 21.52%
  1. Duplication rate is the percentage of repetitive sequences in all clean sequencing reads. mC percent (%) is the percentage of methylated cytosines in all cytosines from the whole genome. mCG, mCHG, mCHH percent (%) are the percentages of methylated mCG, mCHG, mCHH in all corresponding cytosines context (C, CG, CHG, CHH and H represents A, C, T) in genome, respectively