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Table 3 Available Finished Assemblies for the Reference Strains M. tuberculosis H37Rv and H37Ra

From: SMRT genome assembly corrects reference errors, resolving the genetic basis of virulence in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Strain Name ATCC identifier Accession Technology Last updated
H37Rv F1a[13] 27294 CP010329.1 Pacific Biosciences (P4-C2) 02/2016
  H37RvSiena unspecified NZ_CP007027.1/CP007027.1 Illumina 01/2015
  H37RvTMC102 27294D-2 NZ_CP009480.1/CP009480.1 Illumina 09/2014
  H37RvBroad unspecified NC_018143.2/CP003248.2 454/Sanger/Illumina 10/2013
  H37Rv [62] 25618b NC_000962.3/AL123456.3 Sanger 02/2013
H37Ra H37RaSD [present study] 25177 CP016972.1 Pacific Biosciences (P6-C4) 08/2016
  F28a[13] 25177 NZ_CP010330.1/CP010330.1 Pacific Biosciences (P4-C2) 02/2016
  H37RaJH [5] 25177 NC_009525.1/CP000611.1 Sanger 05/2007
  1. Unreferenced entries were direct database submissions and do not have an associated publication
  2. aThe unconventional names for these samples were not explained by Zhu and colleagues [13]. The name F28 in particular is already known from the literature to refer to a family of clinical isolates [63]
  3. bThe ATCC number was unspecified by Cole and colleagues [62]. However, the ATCC catalog entry for this strain identifies it as the source for the sequence