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Table 1 Summaries of the short reads of the transcriptome sequencing projects for the polyploid cyprinids used in this report

From: Genome-wide identification of genes probably relevant to the adaptation of schizothoracins (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) to the uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Species Specialized groups Origin SRA accession number Read length Platform Total nt
G. p. ganzihonensis Highly Specialized SRA SRR1542351 100 HiSeq2000 7.1G
SRR1542357 100 HiSeq2000 7.2G
G. dybowskii Specialized This report SRR3496460 250 MiSeq 1.4G
SRR3501163 125 HiSeq2000 9.4G
S. pseudaksaiensis Primitive This report SRR3496459 250 MiSeq 1.5G
SRR3496380 125 HiSeq2000 9.5G
S. angustiporus Outgroup SRA SRR788094 75 GAII 1.1G
SRR788096 95 HiSeq2000 9.3G