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Table 4 Enriched functions of dietary differentially expressed genes based on GO terms analyzed using DAVID

From: Effects of dietary physical or nutritional factors on morphology of rumen papillae and transcriptome changes in lactating dairy cows based on three different forage-based diets

Functional term Count % P-value P-value
Fold Enrichment Involved genes
AH vs. CS
 calcium ion binding 9 29.0 5.3E-6 2.0E-4 8.2 DSG1, EFEMP1, S100A9, LPO, PADI1, S100A8, AIF1, RCN1, TGM3
AH vs. RS
 extracellular region 9 22.5 1.3E-5 5.9E-4 7.7 S100A9, APOLD1, C2, CFB, CRISP3, LAP, PI3, SLURP1, TAP
RS vs. CS
 complement activation, alternative pathway 3 10.7 5.1E-5 4.8E-3 256.9 C3, C7, CFH
  1. 1AH = Total mixed ration (TMR) containing alfalfa hay as the main forage; CS = TMR containing corn stover as the main forage; RS = TMR containing rice straw as the main forage