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Table 6 Correlation between the rumen morphology and the expression of differential expressed genes (P < 0.05, n = 18 vs. n = 6) in dairy cows fed with three experimental forage-based diets

From: Effects of dietary physical or nutritional factors on morphology of rumen papillae and transcriptome changes in lactating dairy cows based on three different forage-based diets

Item R Item R
Alla   CSb  
HLA-DQA1 0.52 UGT2B17 −0.92
UGT2B17 −0.69 RSc  
   HLA-DQA1 0.94
   UGT2B17 −0.96
  1. aAll, based on analysis with all 18 animals
  2. bCS = Total mixed ration (TMR) containing corn stover as the main forage
  3. cRS = TMR containing rice straw as the main forage