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Table 1 Description of the 18 progenies included in the analysis

From: Integrated QTL detection for key breeding traits in multiple peach progenies

Cross (parents) Acronym Location Commercial (C)/Non-commercial (NC) Crossa type Type of progeny Progeny size Measured phenotypes evaluated (number of years with evaluation available) b Reference
‘Bolero’ × ‘Oro A’ B × O UMIL - Milan C. F1 72 MD(2), PSC(3), TA(2), SSC(2), FW(2) [40]
‘Contender’ × ‘Elegant Lady’ C × EL UMIL - Milan C. F1 74 MD(3) [56]
‘Max 10’ × ‘Rebus 028’ M × R028 UMIL - Milan C. F1 68 MD(2), PSC(2), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) -
‘Belbinette’ × ‘Nectalady’ Bb × Nl IRTA - Lleida C. F1 98 FD(2), MD(3), FDP(1), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) [46]
‘Big Top’ × ‘Nectaross’ Bt × Nr IRTA - Lleida C. F1 44 FD(2), MD(4), FDP(2), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) -
‘Big Top’ × ‘Armking’ Bt × Ak IRTA - Lleida C. F1 75 FD(4), MD(4), FDP(4), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) -
‘Rome Star’ × ‘BC1.25’ RS × 25 CREA - Rome NC. F1 20 FD(2), MD(3), FDP(2), PSC(3), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) -
‘Rome Star’ × ‘BC1.61’ RS × 61 CREA - Rome NC. F1 25 FD(2), MD(3), FDP(2), PSC(3), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) -
‘Bolinha’ × ‘Bolinha’ Bo × Bo INRA - Avignon NC. F2 112 FD(2), MD(2), FDP(2), FW(2) -
‘Ferjalou Jalousia’ × ‘Fantasia’ J × F INRA - Bordeaux C. F2 141 FD(2), MD(2), FDP(2), PSC(2), TA(2), SSC(5), FW(2) [57]
‘Weeping Flower Peach’ × ‘Pamirskij 5’ WF × P INRA - Avignon NC. F2 96 FD(1), MD(1), FDP(1), TA(1), SSC(1) -
‘Pamirskij 5’ × ‘Rubira’ P × R INRA - Avignon NC. F2 96 FD(1), MD(3), FDP(1), PSC(3), TA(3), SSC(3) [58]
‘IF7310828’ × (‘IF7310828’ x Ferganensis) PxF CREA - Rome NC. BC1 95 FD(7), MD(7), FDP(7), PSC(4), TA(4), SSC(4), FW(6) [59]
‘Rubira’ × P. davidiana ‘P1908’ R × D INRA - Avignon NC. F1 95 FD(1), MD(1), FDP(1), PSC(1), SSC(1) [60]
‘Summergrand’ × P. davidiana ‘P1908’ SxD INRA - Avignon NC. F1 67 FD(1), MD(1), FDP(1), PSC(1) [61]
‘Texas’ × ‘Earlygold’ (‘MB1.37’) T × E IRTA - Lleida NC. F2 55 FD(2), MD(3), FDP(2), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) [62]
‘MB1.37’x’Earlygold’ T1E IRTA - Lleida NC. BC1 105 FD(2), MD(3), FDP(2), TA(3), SSC(3), FW(3) [26]
‘Zephyr’ × (‘Summergrand’ × P. davidiana ‘P1908’) BC2 INRA - Avignon NC. BC2 129 FD(6), MD(7), FDP(5), PSC(4), TA(2), SSC(5), FW(6) [55]
  1. aThose progenies derived exclusively from commercial parents were classified as commercial progenies (C) in contrast with the rest classified as non-commercial (NC) progenies
  2. bPhenotypes measured for each progeny: beginning of flowering time (FD), beginning of ripening time (MD), fruit development period (FDP), percentage of red overcolor on the fruit skin (PSC), titratable acidity of the fruit flesh (TA), soluble solid content of the fruit flesh (SSC) and weight of the whole fruit (FW). The number of years for which each trait was evaluated is indicated in parentheses