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Fig. 2

From: Lost in plasmids: next generation sequencing and the complex genome of the tick-borne pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi

Fig. 2

Visualization of de novo assembly of lp28-1 in B31-NRZ. Poor assembly was observed using TS libraries only (inner most ring, purple color, labelled TS library in legend). A combination of TS and MP libraries considerably improved the assembly of lp28-1 (blue color, labelled TS-MP library in legend). Also the use of enriched plasmid DNA for NX library construction improved the assembly (red color, plasmid enrichment). Pacific Bioscience SMRT sequences also provided a good assembly (turquois color, SMRT Bell library). It is noteworthy that in all cases (TS-MP, plasmid enrichment, SMRT Bell) the plasmid of B31-NRZ was shorter than that of B31-GB. Different shades of coloration in one panel indicate different identities between aligned sequences. Regions with lighter shades correspond to less sequence similarity (see region app. 7 kbp to 7.8 kbp in plasmid enrichment)

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