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Table 2 List of features included in the final lncRNA feature report

From: lncRNA-screen: an interactive platform for computationally screening long non-coding RNAs in large genomics datasets

Single Column One column per group
lncRNA ID Mean FPKM above user-defined threshold
Locus Percentage of samples above FPKM threshold
Number of Exons H3K27ac peak enrichment score
Gene Body Size H3K4me3 peak enrichment score
ORF Size H3K4me1 peak enrichment score
Coding Probability Histone marks enrichment and FPKM cutoff combination
Gencode Annotation Differential expression analysis between groups
RefSeq Annotation Hi-C interaction between lncRNA and neighboring coding genes
Ensembl Annotation  
MiTranscriptome Annotation  
SNPs annotation  
Copy number gain/loss value