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Table 2 Comparison of the genes and proteins in the hydrogenase cluster described in A. ambivalens [72] with the correspondent homologous found in A. copahuensis genome

From: Genome analysis of the thermoacidophilic archaeon Acidianus copahuensis focusing on the metabolisms associated to biomining activities

Acidianus ambivalens Homologs in A. copahuensis   
Gene Protein acc. Number (NCBI) ORF (aa) ORF (aa) Protein acc. Number (NCBI) Aa identical positions (%) Prevalence in Sulfolobales (# of genomes) Predicted function
hynL CAC86887 628 633 EZQ01597 82 4 (M.S / M.Y / S.AZ1 / S.acd1) membrane-bound NiFe hydrogenase large subunit
hynS CAC86884 417 417 EZQ01596 85 4 (M.S / M.Y / S.AZ1 / S.acd1) NiFe hydrogenase small FeS subunit
isp1 CAC86885 269 278 EZQ01616 68 2 (S.AZ1, S.acd1) hydrogenase membrane anchor, heme b-binding
isp2 CAC86886 454 452 EZQ01617 74 2 (S.AZ1, S.acd1) hypotetical FeS subunit
hynZ CAC86889 201 206 EZQ01618 55 1 (S. acd1) hypothetical protein from hydrogenase cluster
hynY CAC86888 113 92 EZQ01598 70 1 (S. acd1) Rieske-type FeS protein
hypD CAC86890 394 395 EZQ01599 69 4 (M.S / M.Y / S.AZ1 / S.acd1) hydrogenase maturation protein
hypC CAC86891 101 104 EZQ01600 65 2 (S.AZ1, S.acd1) hydrogenase maturation protein
Hype CAC86892 339 335 EZQ01601 67 4 (M.S / M.Y / S.AZ1 / S.acd1) hydrogenase maturation protein
hypY CAC86893 70 72 EZQ01602 45 0 Unknown/hypothetical protein in hydrogenase cluster
hypZ CAC86894 143 142 EZQ01603 64 2 (S.AZ1, S.acd1) Unknown/hypothetical protein in hydrogenase cluster
hoxM CAC86895 163 159 EZQ01604 54 2 (S.AZ1, S.acd1) Maturation protease for HynL
  1. The proteins are identified by their NCBI accession number. ORF (aa): indicates length of the open reading frame in amino acids. The prevalence in other Sulfolobales species was calculated based on the all vs. all BLASTP comparison used for Fig. 1. For some proteins, more than one hit was found in certain species (See Additional file 2: Table S1). Acronyms: M.S. (Metallosphaera sedula), M.Y (Metallosphaera yellowstonensis), S.AZ1 (Sulfolobales archaeon AZ1), S.acd1 (Sulfolobales archaeon Acd1). Aa: amino acids