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Table 2 Summary of DGE data obtained after two independent biological replicate and its statistical analysis

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis of shoot and root tissue of Bacopa monnieri identifies potential genes related to triterpenoid saponin biosynthesis

Total Unigenes available   2,46,584   
No. of unigenes in each category for Root and Shoot samples Total Up Down Neutral
No. of unigenes expressed in both samples 188,802 36,262 33,556 118,984
No. of unigenes expressed only in Root sample 40,055 NA NA NA
No. of unigenes expressed only in Shoot sample 5531 NA NA NA
No. of P-significant unigenes 10,871 6951 3920 0
No. of Q-significant unigenes 3659 2345 1314 0
Software used for carrying out DGE DESeq    
Sample taken as control for DGE Root    
Sample taken as Treated for DGE Shoot