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Table 2 FB4_DM that are predicted to be hyper-edited. Predictions with a yes in the last column are RepProfile’s most confident predictions

From: Predicting RNA hyper-editing with a novel tool when unambiguous alignment is impossible

Position Gene Most confident
chr2L:21705310–21707776 nolo Yes
chr2R:1075216–1076448 rl Yes
chr2R:1521733–1522952 Maf1 Yes
chr4:560886–562920 Pur-alpha Yes
chrX:8927642–8929850 rdgA Yes
chr3L:4361048–4362834 Cip4 No
chr3L:8019759–8024110 nmo No
chr3R:1971337–1972661 Myo81F No
chr3R:21609064–21611636 inR No
chr3R:22450601–22453179 CG34376 No
chrX:11645168–11648276 Ptp10D No
chrX:2132105–2133551 ph-p No
  1. If there is a No in the last column, RepProfile was able to align reads without predicting hyper-editing at this repeat, but not predicting hyper-editing at these repeats yielded a lower posterior probability