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Table 3 DNAREP1_DM that are predicted to be hyper-edited

From: Predicting RNA hyper-editing with a novel tool when unambiguous alignment is impossible

Position Gene dsRNA
chr2L:22996546–22999081 Intergenic Adjacent +/-
chr2R:1305412–1314667 Intergenic Unknown
chr2R:2245576–2248758 CG17684 Adjacent +/-
chr2R:3107642–3109943 dpr21 Same gene +/-
chr2R:4900040–4902165 CG44102 Same gene +/-
chr2R:6823192–6825246 Intergenic Unknown
chr3L:23034337–23037599 nrm Adjacent +/-
chr3L:24175963–24178195 Snap25 Same gene +/-
chr3L:24183640–24186213 Snap25 Same gene +/-
chr3L:24224373–24226438 snap25 Same gene +/-
chr3L:25653710–25655922 CG45782 Same gene +/-
chr3R:1453181–1455383 Myo81F Same gene +/-
chr3R:1593187–1595257 Myo81F Same gene +/-
chr3R:1627526–1629596 Myo81F Same gene +/-
chr3R:647512–650915 Myo81F Adjacent +/-
chr3R:888752–890953 Myo81F Same gene +/-
chr4:1147092–1149608 CG32017 Adjacent +/-
chr4:859109–861284 CG11148 Same gene +/-
chrX:142931–144983 tyn Same gene +/-
  1. Adjacent +/- indicates that there is a DNAREP1_DM within 2kb that is in the opposite orientation. Same gene +/- indicates that there is a DNAREP1_DM in the same gene that is in the opposite orientation. Unknown means that neither of these two conditions apply