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Fig. 4

From: The PIN gene family in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum): genome-wide identification and gene expression analyses during root development and abiotic stress responses

Fig. 4

The development of main and lateral roots in G. hirsutum and G. arboreum. a Comparisons of main and lateral root lengths of three-week-old G. hirsutum and G. arboreum seedlings. Bar = 5 cm. b Measurements of main and lateral root lengths of G. hirsutum and G. arboreum seedlings as shown in (a). Statistical analyses were carried out on three independent experiments. A total of 9 seedlings were used for each measurement. The lateral root length in this figure represents the average lengths of all investigated lateral roots. Root lengths are shown as means ± SE. Closed bars with scales to their left side and open bars with scales to their right side indicate the main root lengths and the lateral root lengths, respectively. c, d The relative expression of PIN genes in main (c) and lateral roots (d) from three week old plants, qRT-PCR experiments were performed on three biological replicates. Error bars represent means ± SE from three independent experiments. The relative expression level was determined using cotton UBQ7 as a control

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