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Table 2 Predicted effect on Ebola virus VP24-KPNA5 complex stability by mutation of residues that are differentially conserved in Reston in Ebola VP24

From: Investigating Ebola virus pathogenicity using molecular dynamics

Mutation mCSM stability
(ΔΔG - Kcal/mol)
mCSM PP affinity
(ΔΔG - Kcal/mol)
FoldX stability
(ΔΔG - Kcal/mol)
T131S −1.29 −0.32 −0.42
N132 T −0.62 −2.65 −1.22
M136 L −0.81 0.17 0.18
Q139R −1.06 −0.99 1.59
T131S,M136 L,Q139R NA NA −0.3
  1. Prediction from mCSM and FoldX are shown changes for the in the EBOV VP24 –KPNA5 complex