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Fig. 5

From: Transcription through the eye of a needle: daily and annual cyclic gene expression variation in Douglas-fir needles

Fig. 5

Example expression profiles for transcripts exhibiting significant cyclic annual variation, ordered by phase. Gene expression was estimated by RNA-seq from needle samples collected from two families of trees at c. three week intervals for one year. For each transcript, the Douglas-fir transcript name and best BLAST match to Arabidopsis (prefix ‘at’) are provided; genes lacking a BLAST match to the NCBI NR database are identified as ‘unknown’. Lines connect the mean gene expression (DESeq-normalized counts per transcript) for each family; error bars represent the SD for all replicates. Shown are transcripts reaching phase in in each experiment month, starting in November (a), continuing sequentially through December – September (b-k), and ending in October (l)

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