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Fig. 5

From: Unraveling multifaceted contributions of small regulatory RNAs to photomorphogenic development in Arabidopsis

Fig. 5

miRNA families with identified targets and the expression patterns of miR396–GRF regulatory pairs in de-etiolating seedlings. a Expressed miRNA families with predicted (black) or identified (red) target cleavages in de-etiolating Arabidopsis. b Expression of miR396 is transiently upregulated and gradually decreased on W exposure. Data are mean ± SD from three biological replicates of sRNA sequencing. c Northern blot analyses confirmed the expression of miR396 in de-etiolating Arabidopsis. One representative gel image is shown. Data are mean ± SD for the relative expression from three biological replicates. SYBR-Gold-stained rRNA/tRNA was a loading control. d Degradome T-plot marked the miR396-mediated GRF1/GRF2/GRF3/GRF7 mRNA cleavage in de-etiolating seedlings. Red asterisks indicate the degradome signatures detected at expected cleavage sites for GRF1, GRF2, GRF3 and GRF7. e Light regulation of GRF1, GRF2, GRF3 and GRF7. Data are mean ± SD from three technical replicates of one representative qRT-PCR experiment. * p < 0.01 in Student’s t-test. Three biological replicates were performed with similar results

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