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Table 1 SNP Sets used at various steps in array design

From: Developing a 670k genotyping array to tag ~2M SNPs across 24 horse breeds

Set Name Number of unique sites Set Description WGS Data Array Data
23M 22,557,988 Possible/Discovered Variants x -
10M 11,435,936 Array Compatible x -
5M 5,443,950 Array Candidate x -
2M 2,001,826 Test Array x x
1.8M 1,846,988 Test Array Converted x x
670k 670,805 Commercial Array x x
  1. Variants discovered from whole genome sequencing were filtered at various steps for quality control or using array design criteria. Six distinct sets of variants ranging from the initial ~23M high-quality, variants discovered from WGS to the 670k variants available in the commercial genotyping array are described throughout this manuscript