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Table 3 Amount of annotated miRNAs, identified miRNA clusters and the number of miRNAs in clusters, as well as known conserved and non-conserved miRNA families in N. furzeri (Nfu), D. rerio (Dre), O. latipes (Ola), G. aculeatus (Gac) and T. rubripes (Fru)

From: A miRNA catalogue and ncRNA annotation of the short-living fish Nothobranchius furzeri

Species#miRNAs#miRNA clusters#miRNAs in clusters#mirBase families#unknown familes
nfu7548321394 (333)383 (421)
dre7659630599 (307)302 (458)
ola36658151104 (269)55 (97)
gac50468299102 (413)63 (91)
fru3375914399 (278)51 (59)
  1. In brackets, the amount of miRNAs associated to the identified miRNA families are given. For detailed lists of miRNA family assignments, see Supplement Table 4