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Table 2 BLAST analyses of predicted Z. tritici secondary metabolite loci across the Genbank sequence archive

From: In silico prediction and characterization of secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici

Putative cluster in Z. tritici Hit cluster with experimentally defined biosynthetic product BLAST Results
Putative product (cluster number) Ensembl Gene ID GenBank ID Annotation in Z. tritici Species Name Ensembl Gene ID GenBank ID Annotation % similarity Sequence coverage E value
Siderophore (14) Mycgr3G40534 EGP88586 Non-ribosomal peptide synthetase Ustilago maydis UMAG_01433 23562457 Ferrichrome siderophore peptide synthetase fer3 48% 82% 8,00E-61
Mycgr3G85486 EGP87766 putative siderophore biosynthesis protein UMAG_01432 23562456 Putative lysine N-acyltransferase fer5 43% 89% 8,00E-103
Mycgr3G41235 EGP87768 putative ABC transporter UMAG_01431 23562455 Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 fer6 42% 100% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G70577 EGP87767 putative siderophore-dependent iron transporter UMAG_01439 23562463 Siderophore iron transporter 3 fer7 39% 93% 3,00E-114
(Mycgr3G76805)   Hypothetical protein UMAG_01433   putative enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase fer4 39% 83% 2e-46
(Mycgr3G5470)   HMG-CoA synthase (UMAG_05362)   HMG-CoA synthase 54% 98% 3,00E-180
DHN melanin (29) Mycgr3G87993 EGP83310 Hypothetical protein Magnaporthe oryzae MGG_07215 EHA55622 Transcription factor cmr1 40% 100% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G87994 EGP83311 Hypothetical protein MGG_07216 EHA55623 Versicolorin reductase 4HNR 48% 97% 2,00E-73
Mycgr3G96592 EGP83620 Polyketide synthase MGG_07219 EHA55627 Conidial pigment polyketide synthase alb1 45% 100% 0,00E + 00
Carotenoid (34) Mycgr3G97527 EGP82655 Hypothetical protein Fusarium fujikuroi IMI 58289 FFUJ_11801 CCT75764 related to lignostilbene alphabeta-dioxygenase I 57% 90% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G51545 EGP82649 Hypothetical protein FFUJ_11802 CCT76070 probable geranylgeranyl-diphosphate geranylgeranyltransferase 53% 99% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G101921 EGP82650 Hypothetical protein FFUJ_11803 CCT75765 probable phytoene dehydrogenase AL-1 58% 96% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G106573 EGP82651 Hypothetical protein FFUJ_11804 CCT75766 related to HSP30 heat shock protein Yro1p 68% 97% 0,00E + 00
(Mycgr3G72713)   Hypothetical protein (FFUJ_07962) AM418467.1 Torulene oxygenase 41% 95% 2,00E-130
ETP (9) Mycgr3G19958 EGP89696 Hypothetical protein Aspergillus fumigatus AFUA_6G09660 EAL88817 NRPS GliP 28% 100% 1,00E-146
Mycgr3G37004 EGP89694 aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase-like protein AFUA_6G09640 EAL88815 Aminotransferase gliI 34% 96% 4,00E-61
Mycgr3G37024 EGP90779 putative P450 monooxygenase AFUA_6G09730 EAL88824 cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase GliF 51% 97% 3,00E-168
Mycgr3G35526 EGP90781 putative O-methyltransferase AFUA_6G09680 EAL88819 O-methyltransferase GliM 42% 90% 2,00E-102
Mycgr3G35698 EGP90782 putative glutathione S-transferase AFUA_6G09690 EAL88820 glutathione S-transferase GliG 41% 87% 7,00E-55
Mycgr3G35967 EGP89693 gliotoxin biosynthesis protein AFUA_6G09700 EAL88821 gliotoxin biosynthesis protein GliK 35% 96% 1,00E-41
Mycgr3G36631 EGP90783 putative P450 monooxygenase AFUA_6G09670 EAL88818 Cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase gliC 34% 96% 7,00E-94
Mycgr3G84377 EGP89692 putative pyridine nucleotide-disulfide oxidoreductase AFUA_6G09740 EAL88825 Thioredoxin reductase gliT 44% 99% 3,00E-82
Fumonisin (27) Mycgr3G101493 EGP83950 Polyketide synthase Fusarium oxysporum FRC O-1890   ACB12550 Fum1 polyketide synthase 36% 87% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G63387 EGP84006 Hypothetical protein   ACB12552 Fum3 cytochrome p450 52% 90% 8,00E-110
Mycgr3G48687 EGP84002 putative P450 monooxygenase   ACB12551 Fum2 cytochrome p450 36% 97% 2,00E-79
Mycgr3G48855 EGP84005 putative P450 monooxygenase   ACB12560 Fum15 cytochrome p450 28% 100% 4,00E-59
Mycgr3G48855 EGP84005 putative P450 monooxygenase   ACB12565 Cpm1 cytochrome p450 38% 98% 3,00E-118
AM-toxin (18) Mycgr3G72768 EGP86944 Hypothetical protein Alternatia alternata   BAI44759 nonribosomal peptide synthetase AMT1 40% 84% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G43805 EGP86331 Hypothetical protein   BAI44762 similar to branched-chain-amino-acid AMT5-2aminotransferase 55% 98% 5,00E-31
Mycgr3G43729 EGP86946 Hypothetical protein   BAI44741 similar to 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase AMT6 60% 95% 3,00E-150
Mycgr3G12048 EGP86333 Hypothetical protein   BAI44764 similar to 2-isopropylmalate synthase AMT7 58% 95% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G86363 EGP86330 Hypothetical protein   BAI44765 aconitase family protein 58% 100% 0,00E + 00
Mycgr3G43304 EGP86943 Hypothetical protein   BAI44766 thioesterase domain containing protein AMT4 38% 89% 2,00E-43
Mycgr3G43786 EGP86329 Hypothetical protein   BAI44767 similar to methyltransferase AMT9 28% 100% 2,00E-13
Mycgr3G11027 EGP86945 Hypothetical protein   BAI44768 nonribosomal peptide synthetase AMT10–2 44% 100% 0,00E + 00
  1. MultiGeneBLAST analyses of predicted cluster loci (Table 1) were conducted across all available sequences in the Genbank archive (Clark et al. 2016). Loci with statistically significant similarity to Z. tritici query sequences were manually interrogated to identify biosynthetic gene clusters for which the secondary metabolite product has been experimentally confirmed. Results for statistically significant BLAST alignment between predicted amino acid sequences encoded by genes at each locus are reported. Gene identifiers in parentheses are not contiguously located at each respective cluster, but are necessary for biosynthesis of the experimentally confirmed product (see main text for details). These genes were identified by individual protein BLAST searches between respective genomes using the NCBI BLAST tool. Both Genbank and Ensembl gene identifiers are given where available. Gene annotations were retrieved from Ensembl, or where unavailable from Genbank