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Fig. 3

From: Strategies for optimizing BioNano and Dovetail explored through a second reference quality assembly for the legume model, Medicago truncatula

Fig. 3

Schematic of the rearrangement between chromosomes 4 and 8 in A17 (left) compared to R108 (right). Green segments indicate homology to A17’s chromosome 4 while blue segments indicate homology to A17 chromosome 8. Red segments indicate sequences not present in the A17 reference). Breakpoint 1 (br1) is pinpointed to a 104 bp region (chr4:39,021,788-39,021,891) and includes a 100 bp gap. Breakpoint 2 (br2) is pinpointed to a 7665 bp region (chr8:33,996,308-34,003,972) and includes a 7663 bp gap. Breakpoint 3 (br3) is pinpointed to a 708 bp region (chr8: 34,107,285-34,107,992) and includes a 100 bp gap. Breakpoint 4 is pinpointed to a 277 bp region (chr8:34,275,249-34,275,525) and includes a 100 bp gap)

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