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Table 1 Profiling of protein accumulation

From: Comprehensive proteome profiling in Aedes albopictus to decipher Wolbachia-arbovirus interference phenomenon

Profile Profile name Time wAlbB CHIKV Bi-infection Number of spots Network
Mono Infection Wolbachia W_Up_1 24 h Up ø Up 13  
W_Up_2 120 h Up ø Up 5  
W_Down_1 24 h Down ø Down 7  
W_Down_2 120 h Down ø Down 2  
CHIKV V_Down 24 h ø Down Down 1  
Dominance Wolbachia dominance W_DOM_1 24 h ø Up ø 1 Fig. 5a
W_DOM_2 24 h Up Down Up 2 Fig. 5b
W_DOM_3 24 h ø Down ø 1 Fig. 5c
W_DOM_4 120 h Down Up Down 12 Fig. 5d
CHIKV Dominance V_DOM_1 120 h Up ø ø 2 Not Shown
V_DOM_2 120 h Up Down Down 1 Fig. 6a
V_DOM_3 120 h Down Up Up 2 Fig. 6b
Cumulative CUMUL_1 24 h Down Down Down 3 Fig. 7a
CUMUL_2 120 h Up Up Up 1 Fig. 7b
Interference INT_1 24 h Down Down Up 1 Fig. 8d
INT_2 24 h ø Down Up 1 Fig. 8a
INT_3 120 h Down Up ø 5 Fig. 8b
INT_4 120 h Down Down ø 1 Fig. 8c
INT_5 120 h Up ø Down 1 Fig. 8e
  1. All profiles were normalized with respect to uninfected modality. Effective observed fold changes are reported on Additional file 1: Table S1. In comparison to uninfected C6/36 cells: Up: A positive difference on protein synthesis has been observed; Down: A negative difference on proteins synthesis has been observed; ø: No difference has been observed