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Table 3 The 25 most highly expressed genes in Mytilisepta virgata digestive gland and representative significantly over-represented annotations by gene set enrichment analysis

From: The purplish bifurcate mussel Mytilisepta virgata gene expression atlas reveals a remarkable tissue functional specialization

Most expressed genes Over-represented annotations
Annotation TPM Term Class p-value
Vdg3 43,813.51 Extracellular space CC 0.00
Probable apolipoprotein 14,067.11 ShK domain-like PFAM 0.00
Probable apolipoprotein 12,230.17 Ependymin PFAM 0.00
Alpha tubulin 11,375.80 Lectin C-type domain PFAM 1.11E-16
Elongation factor 1 alpha 11,074.06 C1q domain PFAM 2.22E-16
Ependymin-related protein 11,054.83 von Willebrand factor type C domain PFAM 1.07E-14
Ependymin-related protein 8275.80 Cellulose catabolic process BP 3.83E-12
Vdg3 8084.66 Lysosome CC 7.27E-12
Chitotriosidase 7926.27 Cellulase activity MF 4.21E-11
Unknown 6439.28 Glycosyl hydrolase family 9 PFAM 8.40E-11
Probable apolipoprotein 6230.41 alpha/beta hydrolase fold PFAM 2.00E-10
Cytoplasmic actin 6103.04 Carboxylesterase family PFAM 3.77E-10
Calcium binding protein 5887.19 Trypsin PFAM 6.07E-10
Meprin A 5695.11 Glycosyl hydrolases family 16 PFAM 8.76E-9
60S ribosomal protein P0 5364.73 Serine-type endopeptidase activity MF 1.34E-8
Ependymin-related protein 5342.49 MAM domain, meprin/A5/mu PFAM 2.76E-8
Urokinase-like protein 5283.92 Carbohydrate metabolic process BP 5.91E-8
Ganglioside GM2 activator 5163.45 Lipid transporter activity MF 8.20E-8
Putative metalloprotease 4892.49 Antistasin family PFAM 1.36E-7
Alpha tubulin 4698.32 Sulfatase PFAM 1.17E-6
Spondin-like protein 4503.80 Glycosyl hydrolase family 10 PFAM 5.83E-6
40S ribosomal protein SA 4288.17 Peptide metabolic process BP 4.26E-6
C1q domain-containing protein 4279.26 Lipase PFAM 8.19E-6
Ependymin-related protein 3725.69 Prolyl oligopeptidase family PFAM 8.39E-5
Calcium binding protein 3528.24 Xenobiotic metabolic process BP 4.56E-4
  1. See the complete list in Additional file 4
  2. TPM Transcript Per Million, PFAM Pfam conserved domains, BP Gene Ontology Biological Process, MF Gene Ontology Molecular Function, CC Gene Ontology Cellular Component