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Table 5 The 25 most highly expressed genes in Mytilisepta virgata gills and representative significantly over-represented annotations by gene set enrichment analysis

From: The purplish bifurcate mussel Mytilisepta virgata gene expression atlas reveals a remarkable tissue functional specialization

Most expressed genes Over-represented annotations
Annotation TPM Term Class p-value
Alpha tubulin 55,938.25 Dynein heavy chain and region D6 of dynein motor PFAM 1.43E-13
40S ribosomal protein SA 16,641.12 Microtubule CC 0.00
Elongation factor 1 alpha 11,612.37 Microtubule motor activity MF 6.20E-14
Alpha tubulin 8853.84 Microtubule-based movement BP 2.52E-10
Beta tubulin 8710.17 Motile cilium CC 3.06E-10
Actin 8589.14 Axoneme assembly BP 1.57E-9
Alpha tubulin 8158.42 Cilium movement BP 2.22E-9
Low complexity glycine-rich protein 7335.45 Acetylcholine-activated cation-selective channel activity MF 5.94E-8
Beta tubulin 5932.28 C1q domain PFAM 3.23E-7
Actin 5614.26 ATP-binding dynein motor region D5 PFAM 1.32E-6
Beta tubulin 5144.94 Tektin family PFAM 2.15E-6
Beta tubulin 5004.75 Axonemal dynein complex CC 2.63E-6
Actin 4296.64 Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel ligand binding domain PFAM 6.18E-6
60s ribosomal protein P0 4296.41 Dynein complex CC 1.06E-5
non coding RNA 4137.29 ATPase activity MF 1.56E-5
Ferritin 3614.02 Shisa/Wnt and FGF inhibitory regulator PFAM 3.71E-5
Ribosomial Protein S10 3367.63 Microtubule-binding stalk of dynein motor PFAM 4.65E-5
Cyclophilin B 3364.42 Collagen trimer CC 5.40E-5
Transcription factor ATF4 3351.91 Immunoglobulin C1-set domain PFAM 7.45E-5
Beta tubulin 3296.13 Fibrinogen beta and gamma chains, C-terminal globular domain PFAM 1.44E-4
non coding RNA 3201.67 LITAF-like zinc ribbon domain PFAM 1.60E-4
Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide 3059.53 TIR domain PFAM 2.28E-4
Outer dense fiber protein 3 3038.49 Mitochondria-eating protein PFAM 2.42E-4
Ribosomal Protein L15 2921.58 Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel transmembrane region PFAM 6.71E-4
Ribosomal Protein S4 2769.43 Cadherin domain PFAM 7.75E-4
  1. See the complete list in Additional file 4
  2. TPM Transcript Per Million, PFAM Pfam conserved domains, BP Gene Ontology Biological Process, MF Gene Ontology Molecular Function, CC Gene Ontology Cellular Component