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Table 6 The 25 most highly expressed genes in Mytilisepta virgata mantle rim and representative significantly over-represented annotations by gene set enrichment analysis

From: The purplish bifurcate mussel Mytilisepta virgata gene expression atlas reveals a remarkable tissue functional specialization

Most expressed genes Over-represented annotations
Annotation TPM Term Class p-value
Actin 40,034.02 Proteinaceous extracellular matrix CC 1.84E-7
Elongation factor 1 alpha 17,159.08 Extracellular region CC 1.87E-7
alpha tubulin 16,259.80 Chitin binding Peritrophin-A domain PFAM 4.58E-7
60s ribosomal protein L23 15,108.07 Matrixin PFAM 1.14E-6
Actin 15,102.97 Calcium ion binding MF 2.65E-6
40S ribosomal protein SA 11,849.66 WAP-type (Whey Acidic Protein) ‘four-disulfide core’ PFAM 3.65E-6
Actin 11,356.99 Extracellular matrix structural constituent MF 3.66E-6
Alpha tubulin 8547.04 Immunoglobulin C1-set domain PFAM 1.51E-5
Ferritin 7899.68 Serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity MF 3.27E-5
Myosin 7382.76 Collagen catabolic process BP 1.09E-4
low complexity protein - collagen-like 6579.48 Homeobox domain PFAM 1.24E-4
60s ribosomal protein P0 5142.34 CD80-like C2-set immunoglobulin domain PFAM 1.42E-4
Beta tubulin 4972.09 Metalloendopeptidase activity MF 1.58E-4
Beta tubulin 4461.74 Cell junction CC 8.89E-4
Superoxide Dismutase 4220.54 Cadherin domain PFAM 9.51E-4
Actin 4066.75 Extracellular space CC 1.77E-3
small heat shock protein 24.1 3933.60 Immunoglobulin V-set domain PFAM 3.06E-3
Paramyosin 3898.32 Basement membrane CC 3.57E-3
non coding RNA? 3796.60 Immunoglobulin I-set domain PFAM 7.51E-3
non coding RNA? 3710.19 Integral component of membrane CC 7.74E-3
Myosin 3690.69 / / /
non coding RNA? 3538.31 / / /
Cyclophilin 3464.80 / / /
Ribosomal protein S4 3459.95 / / /
Adenine nucleotide translocator 3431.98 / / /
  1. See the complete list in Additional file 4
  2. TPM Transcript Per Million, PFAM Pfam conserved domains, BP Gene Ontology Biological Process, MF Gene Ontology Molecular Function, CC Gene Ontology Cellular Component