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Table 7 The 25 most highly expressed genes in Septifer virgatus posterior adductor muscle and representative significantly over-represented annotations by gene set enrichment analysis

From: The purplish bifurcate mussel Mytilisepta virgata gene expression atlas reveals a remarkable tissue functional specialization

Most expressed genes Over-represented annotations
Annotation TPM Term Class p-value
Actin 150,779.49 Condensed nuclear chromosome CC 4.11E-15
60s ribosomal protein L23 69,416.79 Skeletal muscle myosin thick filament assembly BP 1.09E-14
Actin 44,602.27 Immunoglobulin I-set domain PFAM 1.89E-14
Paramyosin 39,709.12 Sarcomere organization BP 1.42E-13
Myosin 28,949.91 M band CC 2.14E-13
RS-rich protein 1 27,745.06 I band CC 4.35E-13
Myosin 16,064.48 Structural constituent of muscle MF 2.31E-12
40S ribosomal protein SA 15,155.63 Muscle alpha-actinin binding MF 2.64E-12
Myosin 12,525.17 Z disc CC 3.45E-12
Actin 11,992.63 A band CC 7.25E-12
Myosin 9275.62 Mitotic chromosome condensation BP 3.29E-11
Alpha tubulin 8768.82 Myofibril CC 3.65E-10
Ferritin 8517.40 Myosin filament CC 5.51E-10
Elongation factor 1 alpha 8411.27 Structural molecule activity conferring elasticity MF 5.85E-10
PDZ domain containign protein 7804.25 Telethonin binding MF 5.85E-10
Non coding RNA 5844.46 Sarcomere CC 5.99E-10
Ribosomal Protein S10 5212.90 Striated muscle thin filament CC 1.73E-9
Actin 4986.83 Muscle myosin complex CC 1.73E-9
Non coding RNA 4561.28 Actinin binding MF 1.73E-9
Alpha tubulin 4344.93 Myosin tail PFAM 5.07E-7
Unknown 4209.22 Fibronectin type III domain PFAM 5.33E-6
60s ribosomal protein P0 4157.43 Skeletal muscle thin filament assembly BP 4.27E-9
Small heat shock protein 24.1 3846.08 Sarcomerogenesis BP 4.27E-9
Beta tubulin 3725.55 Response to calcium ion BP 4.86E-7
Superoxide dismutase 3712.29 Muscle contraction BP 6.84E-7
  1. See the complete list in Additional file 4
  2. TPM Transcript Per Million, PFAM Pfam conserved domains, BP Gene Ontology Biological Process, MF Gene Ontology Molecular Function, CC Gene Ontology Cellular Component