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Table 6 Common significant signaling pathways using DIANA-miRPath analysis of miRNAs selected by DDSS, SWVg and K-means methods

From: Identification of common oncogenic and early developmental pathways in the ovarian carcinomas controlling by distinct prognostically significant microRNA subsets

KEGG pathway 19 miRNAs 21 miRNAs associated with let-7b [8] Combination of 19 miRNAs and 21 miRNAs associated with let-7b [8] 31 miRNAs 137 miRNAs from K-means analysis
Experimental targets Predicted targets Experimental targets Predicted targets Experimental targets Predicted targets Experimental targets Predicted targets Experimental targets
Pathways in cancer 1.70E-21 7.16E-15 1.59E-17 4.61E-24 7.80E-25 6.62E-36 1.45E-15 8.05E-62 8.95E-32
p53 signaling pathway 7.41E-12 1.27E-11 2.42E-14 5.02E-21 2.32E-15 1.59E-12 1.33E-19 3.02E-14 5.16E-09
Transcriptional misregulation in cancer 2.36E-11 1.05E-05 0.000165 3.08E-08 4.74E-10 5.12E-12 3.53E-06 2.85E-10 5.42E-19
Insulin signaling pathway 1.52E-05 1.34E-09 0.021307 1.34E-16 3.03E-06 1.13E-20 1.65E-07 3.68E-23 5.48E-13
Neurotrophin signaling pathway 2.84E-05 1.05E-06 0.002062 2.48E-25 4.91E-07 4.26E-19 2.07E-06 1.66E-24 4.17E-12
TGF-beta signaling pathway 0.001486 2.28E-17 1.41E-05 1.49E-20 3.49E-08 2.08E-17 9.88E-09 4.51E-20 6.01E-09
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway 0.002453 1.75E-22 6.96E-05 3.83E-32 0.000515 9.23E-48 6.18E-07 1.74E-54 1.82E-27
MAPK signaling pathway 0.019079 1.34E-09 0.024663 6.89E-23 0.006415 4.21E-37 0.006692 3.18E-44 1.00E-21
Cell cycle 4.54E-38 3.48E-05 1.38E-11 1.64E-03 1.06E-37 7.03E-07 7.97E-18 6.10E-09 2.18E-14
HIF-1 signaling pathway 0.000282 1.37E-04 0.000307 5.47E-07 1.41E-05 8.89E-11 3.6E-09 2.36E-20 9.94E-11
Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation 0.000609 5.48E-04 0.008724 4.34E-03 2.06E-05 8.33E-07 0.002693 5.87E-14 1.79E-07
  1. Note: Predicted targets were generated by the DIANA-microT-CDS algorithm. The significance level is set at 0.0001
  2. Experimental validated targets were derived from DIANA-TarBase v6.0. The significance level is set at 0.05