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Table 1 Methanogens Characterized in this Study. Displays a summary of the four methanogens sequenced: Mbac. bryantii isolation data from [46, 47], Msar. spelaei isolation data from [48], Msph. cuniculi isolation data from [45], Mcor. parvum isolation data from [44]

From: Genomic analysis of methanogenic archaea reveals a shift towards energy conservation

  Methanobacterium bryantii Methanosphaera cuniculi Methanosarcina spelaei Methanocorpusculum parvum
Current Classification Archaea, Euryarchaeota, Methanobacteria, Methanobacteriales, Methanobacteriaceae, Methanobacterium, bryantii Archaea, Euryarchaeota, Methanobacteria, Methanobacteriales, Methanobacteriaceae, Methanosphaera, cuniculi Archaea,
Euryarchaeota, Methanomicrobia, Methanosarcinales, Methanosarcinaceae, Methanosarcina, spelaei
Methanomicrobiales, Methanocorpusculaceae, Methanocorpusculum, parvum
Methanogen Class [18] Class I Class I Class III Class II
Gram stain Variable Gram-positive Gram-negative Gram-negative
Cell shape Rod Coccus Sarcina-like coccus Irregular coccus
Motility Non-motile Non-motile Non-motile Weakly motile by single flagellum
Sporulation Nonsporulating Nonsporulating Nonsporulating Nonsporulating
Optimal temperature range 37–45 °C 35–40 °C 33 °C 15–45 °C
Oxygen requirement Strictly anaerobic Strictly anaerobic Strictly anaerobic Strictly anaerobic
Carbon Assimilation CO2 Autotrophy Requires Acetate CO2 Autotrophy Requires Acetate or Yeast Extract
Energy source H2/CO2 H2/methanol H2/CO2, acetate, methanol, monomethylamine, dimethylamine, trimethylamine H2/CO2, formate, 2-propanol/CO2
Biosafety level BSL 1 BSL 1 BSL 1 BSL 1
Isolation source Syntrophic culture isolated from sewage sludge Intestinal tract of a rabbit Subsurface sulfurous lake Anaerobic sour whey digester inoculated with sewage sludge