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Fig. 2

From: Whole genome sequencing and comparative transcriptome analysis of a novel seawater adapted, salt-resistant rice cultivar – sea rice 86

Fig. 2

Identification of SR86 chromosome arms by INDEL-specific PCR markers. PCR products were resolved using either (a) agarose gel or an (b) Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. Each chromosome of reference rice (odd number lanes) and SR86 (even number lanes) was identified with a short arm-specific primer set and a long arm-specific primer set. Lanes 1–4, Chr1; lanes 5–8, Chr2; lanes 9–12, Chr3; lanes 13–16, Chr4; lanes 17–20, Chr5; lanes 21–24, Chr6; lanes 25–28, Chr7; lanes 29–32, Chr8; lanes 33–36, Chr9; lanes 37–40, Chr10; lanes 41–44, Chr11; lanes 45–48, Chr12

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