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Fig. 3

From: Dual transcriptome of the immediate neutrophil and Candida albicans interplay

Fig. 3

C. albicans triggers inflammasome activation in neutrophils quantified by Caspase-1 activation. Caspase-1 activity of C. albicans hyphae and yeast after challenging with human neutrophils for 1 h (a) and 3 h (b). As positive control neutrophils were stimulated with LPS (1 μg/ml), followed by ATP (5 mM, 1 h before adding the FLICA reagent). Amounts of IL-1β in supernatants of neutrophils challenged with C. albicans yeast or hyphae were quantified by ELISA after 3 h (c) and 6 h (d) of incubation. Shown are one representative experiment in triplicate for each assay from 2 experiments in total with very similar results, n = 2 (3). Statistical analysis was performed using a One-way ANOVA with Dunett’s post-test with * = p < 0.05, *** = p < 0.001 and **** = p < 0.0001

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