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Table 1 The five most differentially expressed solute carrier genes in woodrats and lab rats

From: Patterns of host gene expression associated with harboring a foregut microbial community

Gene symbol Description Log2(Fold Change) Consistent with prediction from ruminants?
Slc41a2 Magnesium transporter 7.69
Slc16a10 Monocarboxylic acid transporter 5.59 Yes
Slc12a2 Sodium/potassium/chloride transporter 3.67 No
Sla2a10 Facilitated glucose transporter 2.74 Yes
Slc2a12 Facilitated glucose transporter 2.49 Yes
Lab Rats
Slc6a20a Proline IMINO transporter 7.63 Yes
Slc19a3 Thiamine transporter 5.78 No
Slc27a6 Fatty acid transporter 5.74 No
Slc23a3 Nucleobase transporter 5.20
Slc1a1 Glutamate transporter 5.19 Yes
  1. Predictions for ruminants were based on previous research [4], and we sometimes compared SLC genes in the same family (for example, Slc16a10 in woodrats and SLC16A1 in cattle, which are both monocarboxylic acid transporters)