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Table 3 CLL risk-related DE signals, Bonferroni-corrected p < 0.05; based on comparison of all cases vs controls with <10% B-cells, with adjustment for WBC composition

From: Evolving DNA methylation and gene expression markers of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia are present in pre-diagnostic blood samples more than 10 years prior to diagnosis

Probe ID Gene symbol Raw p-value FDR BH Fold changea
A_23_P500400 ABCA6 7.07E-31 4.04E-26 −5.47
A_23_P26854 ARHGAP44 1.86E-20 4.65E-16 −5.78
A_32_P53234 CEACAM21 3.48E-14 3.59E-10 −2.02
A_23_P130158 WNT3 4.34E-11 4.24E-07 −3.82
A_23_P131024 ZBTB32 3.76E-10 2.69E-06 −2.43
A_23_P27332 TCF4 8.53E-10 4.41E-06 −1.80
A_24_P691826   1.55E-09 7.79E-06 −2.33
A_23_P124335 C1orf186 6.07E-09 2.16E-05 −1.73
A_24_P29733 CDK14 6.29E-09 2.16E-05 −1.75
A_24_P306214 TLDC1 2.49E-07 6.99E-04 1.50
A_23_P85250 CD24 5.14E-07 1.41E-03 −1.60
A_23_P23639 MCOLN2 6.53E-07 1.63E-03 −1.58
A_23_P30693 PLG 9.27E-07 2.34E-03 2.39
A_32_P108156 MIR155HG 1.08E-06 2.34E-03 −1.86
A_24_P149266 PACSIN1 1.32E-06 2.34E-03 1.39
A_24_P324838 IGHD 1.43E-06 2.86E-03 1.74
  1. aPositive values refer to the ratio cases/controls and negative values the ratio controls/cases