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Table 2 Our identified miRNAs with main effect that are previously reported to be associated with colon cancer

From: Epistasis analysis of microRNAs on pathological stages in colon cancer based on an Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net method

miRNA up/down regulated Verification Reference
hsa-let-7c down qPCR [43]
hsa-mir-1249 up Microarray [58]
hsa-mir-31 up Northern Blot, qPCR [37]
hsa-mir-31 up Northern Blot, qPCR [6, 43]
hsa-mir-31 up Microarray [59, 60]
hsa-mir-320c-1 down qPCR [43]
hsa-mir-337 up Elastic-net regression, Microarray [61, 62]
hsa-mir-34a down Microarray, Northern Blot [59]
hsa-mir-34a up Northern Blot, qPCR [13, 63]