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Table 3 Significant associated genes identified by RareProb-C comparing to the ones highlighted in the integrated germline-somatic research on the same dataset

From: An improved burden-test pipeline for identifying associations from rare germline and somatic variants

Gene name RareProb-C OV research
BRCA1 3.0×10−14 2.0×10−8
BRCA2 4.5×10−15 8.9×10−6
CHEK2 2.4×10−15 0.11
BRIP1 5.2×10−10 0.11
USP6 3.3×10−12 Not Significant
PALB2 5.2×10−10 Not Significant
ATM 2.9×10−9 Not Significant
PCSK7 7.6×10−8 Not Significant
FLT3 5.8×10−7 Not Significant
  1. *These 4 genes are considered to contribute to ovarian cancer susceptibility in the research, although without reaching the significance threshold (P<0.05)