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Fig. 2

From: A transcriptome-based protein network that identifies new therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer

Fig. 2

Principal Component Analysis of two independent datasets of colorectal carcinoma based on the expression of 47 genes. Principal component analysis (PCA) were performed based on the expression in normal tissue and colorectal carcinoma of 47 genes selected by the criteria of deregulation in more than 75% of CRC samples (fold-change >1.7 and q-value <0.05). PCA was performed on our samples dataset (19 NT and 95 CRC) (panels a and b) and on expression data retrieved from the colorectal cancer cohort from TCGA ( composed the TCGA tumor dataset. Repartition of grading stage of TCGA colorectal carcinoma was: I: 47, II: 86, III: 54 and IV: 34. Fifty-eight tumors were APC wild-type and 153 were mutated. One hundred and twenty-six were KRAS wild-type and 85 mutated.

Individuals were colored according to a category variable in each PCA plot: i) according to histological type (panels a and c); ii) according to grading stage (panels b and d); iii) and, only for the TCGA PCA plot, according to the mutational status of APC (panel e) and KRAS (panel f). Samples corresponding to NT and tumors that presented no available information about categorical variables were colored in black for panels b, d, e, f

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