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Table 1 Summary of sequencing and assembly statistics

From: Deciphering the olfactory repertoire of the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus

Female Antennae A (reads) 29,945,374
Female Antennae B (reads) 17,712,800
Female Palps A (reads) 7,698,073
Female Palps B (reads) 5,354,526
Female Whole body A (reads) 25,639,847
Female Whole body B (reads) 19,011,547
Male Heads A (reads) 8,457,785
Male Heads B (reads) 19,688,382
Total bases (bp) 133,508,334
Total assembled bases (bp) 27,866,796
Assembled contigs 33,846
Average contig length (bp) 823
N50 (bp) 1563
Shortest transcript length (bp) 150
Longest transcript length (bp) 32,463
transcripts >1Kb 8953
transcripts >2Kb 3100