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Fig. 1

From: An analysis of 67 RNA-seq datasets from various tissues at different stages of a model insect, Manduca sexta

Fig. 1

M. sexta life cycle and the 67 Illumina RNA-seq datasets. Bars in the circle represent different life stages of M. sexta, which are proportional to time periods of the insect raised with artificial diet as previously described [1]. Color-coded library identifications (1–67) are placed outside the circle at the corresponding developmental stage. The first part of the library names (on the right) indicates that the libraries are made from head (), fat body (), whole body (), midgut (), Malpighian tubule (), muscle (), testis (), ovary (), and antenna (). The second part indicates major stages of the insect, i.e. embryo (E), 1st to 5th instar larvae (L1 − L5), pupae (P), and adults (A). In the third part, “D” stands for day, “h” for hour, “preW” for pre-wandering, “W” for wandering, “M” for male, and “F” for female. “S” in the last part of library names indicates single-end sequencing; no “S” in the end indicates paired-end sequencing. The cDNA libraries represent the following tissues and stages: head (H) [1. 2nd (instar) L (larvae), D1 (day 1); 2. 3rd L, D1; 3. 4th L, 12 h (hour); 4. 4th L, late; 5. 5th L, D0.5; 6. 5th L, D2; 7. 5th L, preW (pre-wandering); 8. P (pupae), late; 9. A (adults), D1; 10. A, D3; 11. A, D7], fat body () [12. 4th L, late; 13. 5th L, D1; 14. 5th L, preW; 15. 5th L, W (wandering); 16. P, D1–3; 17. P, D15–18; 18. A, D1–3; 19. A, D7–9], whole body (W) [20. E (embryo), 3 h; 21. E, late; 22. 1st L; 23. 2nd L; 24. 3rd L], midgut () (25. 2nd L; 26. 3rd L; 27. 4th L, 0 h; 28. 4th L, 12 h; 29. 4th L, late; 30. 5th L, 1–3 h; 31. 5th L, 24 h; 32. 5th L, preW; 3334. 5th L, W; 35. P, D1; 36. P, D15–18; 37. A, D3–5), Malpighian tubule () (38. 5th L, preW; 39. A, D1; 40. A, D3), muscle () (41. 4th L, late; 4243. 5th L, 12 h; 4445. 5th L, preW; 4647. 5th L, W), testis () (48. P, D3; 49. P, D15–18; 50. A, D1–3), ovary () (51. P, D15–18; 52. A, D1), head () [5356. A, D1, F (female); 5760, A, D1, M (male)], antenna () (6163, 5th L; 6466, A, F; 67, A, M)

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