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Fig. 4

From: An analysis of 67 RNA-seq datasets from various tissues at different stages of a model insect, Manduca sexta

Fig. 4

Features of the unmapped reads with BLASTN hits in the 67 libraries. a Relationship between ratios of STAR-unmapped reads (x-axis) and percentages of the total unmapped reads with BLASTN match (y-axis) for all the RNA-seq libraries. Each colored symbol represents one library, with their library IDs labeled (Fig. 1). Squares for paired-end libraries; circles for single-end ones. b Distribution (left y-axis) of unmapped reads with hits in the 7 categories in different colors. Black line shows the total number of unmapped reads (right y-axis) in a library. c Box-plot of percentages of rRNA reads in total unmapped reads with BLASTN hits in library categories P, S, H and A (Fig. 2). The library IDs, names, and color codes are same as in Fig. 1

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