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Table 1 Transcriptional activators involved in plant polysaccharide degradation and/or sugar catabolism in A. niger

From: Expression-based clustering of CAZyme-encoding genes of Aspergillus niger

Regulatora Inducer Function Reference
AmyR D-glucose or maltose Starch degradation [8]
AraR L-arabitol Arabinan degradation, Pentose Catabolic Pathway [22, 66]
ClrA celluloseb Degradation of cellulose [13]
GaaR 2-keto-3-deoxy-L-galactonate Degradation of polygalacturonic acid and more complex pectins, transport of D-galacturonic acid, D-galacturonic acid catabolism [29, 47]
GalX D-galactose or derivative D-galactose catabolism [15]
InuR sucrose Inulin and sucrose degradation [9, 43]
ManR/ClrB   Galactomannan and cellulose degradation [11, 12]
RhaR L-rhamnose derivative Rhamnogalacturonan I degradation, L-rhamnose catabolism [10, 27]
XlnR D-xylose Xylan, xyloglucan and cellulose degradation, Pentose Catabolic Pathway [7, 21, 22]
  1. aThe A. niger deletion strains of the underlined regulators were used in this study
  2. bBased on data from Neurospora crassa [45]