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Table 8 Significantly expressed A. niger N402 genes from cluster F in the expression profiling tree

From: Expression-based clustering of CAZyme-encoding genes of Aspergillus niger

  Up/Down-regulatedc Regulated by
  Genea Enzymeb CAZy family ΔxlnR ΔaraR ΔrhaR ΔgalX ΔamyR This study Literature Reference
F-1 An02g00610 GUS GH2 11.7 nd nr [38]
An09g03070 (agsE) AGS GH13 1.6 1.1 −2.0 −11.0 −5.8 AmyR, GalX nr [43, 75]
An16g02730 (abnD) ABN GH43 3.6 −2.5 AmyR GaaR, RhaR [15, 34, 39]
An09g00260/An09g00270 (aglC) AGL GH36 1.3 1.0 3.5 1.3 1.3 RhaR AmyR [8, 44]
F-2 An09g05350 FAE SF9d 1.5 −1.1 nd nr [4]
  1. aGenes with expression value of <50 in all studied A. niger N402 cultures are not included in the table
  2. bEnzyme codes are provided in Additional file 2
  3. cFold-change between A. niger N402 and the regulatory mutants grown on their relevant carbon source. - = expression value <50 in both N402 and regulatory mutant strain. Negative fold-changes >2.5 were considered proof of regulator function and are depicted in bold
  4. dSub-family (SF) classification of fungal FAEs according to Dilokpimol et al. [49]
  5. nd not detected, nr not reported