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Fig. 2

From: Ancestry inference using principal component analysis and spatial analysis: a distance-based analysis to account for population substructure

Fig. 2

a Population structure within Europe using 22 diverse sets of European descendants. The scores were calculated by AIPS. The colored points in grey and pink indicate all 4376 Europeans and 3424 individuals with unknown ancestry memberships in subpopulations, respectively. 952 known ancestry individuals in 22 subpopulations were overplotted on all 4376 Europeans. b European substructure analysis using scores from Principal Component Analysis. Among 952 ancestry known individuals, 7 subgroups within Europe were defined; Northern European group, Southern European group, Great Britain, Russian, Basque, Ashkenazi Jewish American, and Arab group. For Northern European group, Dutch American, Eastern European American, German American, Hungarian American, Scandinavian American, and Swedish were assigned. Southern European group consisted of Adygei, Greek American, Italian American, Sardinian, Spanish, and Tuscan. For Great Britain, CEPH Euro American, Irish, Orcadian, and United Kingdom American were assigned. Bedouin, Druze and Palestinian were defined as Arab group

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